Major Rides
46" minimum
Hop aboard this thrill ride with its multicolored Glider Wings and Smooth exhibition. Once loaded into these glider seats, the ride begins to turn and you will be soaring high above the crowd on the Cliff Hanger.

46" minimum

** No Riders over 225 lbs
The Funnel Force is a fast paced swing ride that kids and adults will love!

42" with an adult
52" alone
A ride on the Himalaya entertains riders and spectators of all ages. Hop aboard for an exciting trip over peaks and valleys, backwards and forwards with amazing light show, music and sirens.

48" unless accompanied
The Rainforest Expo Wheel is a 67 foot tall Gondola wheel that has a great aerial view of the festival. Beautifully decorated in a Rainforest theme and offers and exhilarating light show.

48" unless accompanied
A ride on the Rockstar offers riders and spectators a graceful, well-lit and perfectly themed picture with its Multicolored Background and Smooth exhibition.

48" unless accompanied
Round and round you go on this exciting major thrill ride. Riders stand in two tubs, accommodating 10 passengers each. The center then spins around, as do the tubs, giving the riders two forces, flattening the riders to the walls of the tubs.

42" with an adult
52" alone
Can you figure out which direction you're going? The Sizzler offers a spectacular colorful light show as it whisks you round.

42" unless accompanied
Riders are propelled down this 100ft tall drop tower! Can you handle it?

48" minimum
76" maximum
NEW FOR 2020 - The Brute dazzles riders with its over the top thrills.  Riders sit in bottomless seats with their feet hanging below them.  As the claw begins to rotate, the pendeleum swings back and forth.  Thrill seekers will get off asking for more!

36" with an adult
48" alone
The Tilt-A-Whirl is a timeless classic found on almost every carnival midway in America. Since its inception in 1926, over 1000 Tilt-A-Whirls were produced.  As the platform moves through the hills and valleys on the track, the free spinning tubs rotate on a axis. With a little teamwork, a family can lean right or left to make their vehicle spin faster.

The Wunder Wheel is a medium size gondola wheel that the entire family can enjoy! At night, the Wunder Wheel will dazzle midway-goers with its super bright LED light show.

NOTE: Attraction information is subject to change without notice.
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